Tree and Shrub

Our tree and shrub program consists of six applications per year. We do a deep root fertilization in the spring. Then we do four insect and disease controls, which takes care of Japanese beetles, scale, aphids, spider mites, and any fungus issues. There is also another deep root fertilization in the fall to replace the nutrients. Pricing depends on the number and size of the trees and shrubs. Call for free estimate.

Aeration and Over Seeding

Summer can be very hot and dry, causing those thin and bare areas in the lawn. We use a core aerator and over seed with a five star fescue to fill in those bare areas and help the overall appearance of your lawn. If you have an irragation system we will need to drop off some flags so that you can mark your sprinkler heads before treatment. After the lawn has been reseeded you will need to water for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes twice a day for the first two weeks. When the grass reaches a mowable height you can go back to a normal watering schedule.

Grub Control

Preventative grub control is done in combination with your round two/three lawn applications. The white grub is the larvae of the Japanese beetle and can cause moderate to severe damage to the turf by eating the root system of the grass.

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