(Severe fungus damage)
Fungus is caused by watering in the evening or can be caused by high humidity. It is prevalent March through October. We can do fungicide applications if a fungus is present. Fungus can often appear as if the lawn is not receiving enough water so before increasing water be sure to check the moisture in the soil by inserting a knife or screw driver in the soil 2 to 3 inches. This should not be difficult if the lawn had adequate moisture. If you have any questions please call us immediately.

Grub Damage

Grubs will eat the root system out from underneath the grass. If you suspect grub damage please call us as soon as possible. We can do a preventive grub control or if grubs are present we can do a treatment to kill the existing grubs.

Heat/Drought Stress

As the temperature begins to heat up it is common for the fescue lawns to develop heat stress especially along streets, sidewalks, and driveways. This can be easily cured by increasing the amount of water applied to the lawn.

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